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About IBD

Nov 2, 2017

Being diagnosed with IBD as a child presents special challenges for kids and for parents. Learn how Brian Greenberg of Intense Intestines Foundation dealt with a Crohn’s disease diagnosis at a young age and transitioned from being a child reliant on parents to help manage his IBD to learning how to manage it all himself.

2:15: Brian spent a lot of time in detention as a kid!

3:15: The hardest part of going to school with IBD.

5:00: Brian's first resection: at 21.

7:00: Deciding to get an ostomy and what that meant for the future.

9:00: How an ostomy and a Ken butt made life better.

11:00: The misunderstandings that can happen when your peers don’t understand about IBD.

14:00: Why do people not just ask about why a person may appear sick?

16:00: How Brian manages to stay active with Crohn’s disease.

16:30: How being active can help with the mental aspects of coping with IBD.

17:34: Why distractions can actually be beneficial at times.

19:00: One of the things Brian has done that maybe is a little risky. But super fun.

19:40: How Brian managed an aggressive medication schedule in the 90s.

20:20: Brian’s experience in transitioning from parents managing everything IBD to him managing it himself.

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