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About IBD

Dec 3, 2017

What are your goals? Are you taking steps each day to move towards those goals? Brian Greenberg, endurance athlete and president of Chronically Better You tells us how he moved from goals after surgery—getting out of bed and making his own lunch—to training for an Ironman in 2018. People with IBD know the value of structure and Brian explains how he has learned to manage his life with Crohn’s disease and an ostomy through careful planning and setting goals.
2:35: Why sitting still actually makes Brian feel worse.
3:18: Why a routine is important
4:33: What’s a Half Ironman?
6:41: How to set goals, no matter if they’re big or small
10:20: Why a schedule is important 
13:05: On being a model patient
13:57: What happens when you miss a training day?
18:30: What Brian thinks when he looks at his training schedule or during a race
20:02: A nightly routine that helps reduce stress
24:19: The biggest motivating factor in Brian’s life
27:19: Shout out to our partners for the help
29:49: Why it’s best to do you and to not compare to others
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